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Utterly atrocious. Half the time my ability to even open a page on the internet (especially from Fridays through to Monday mornings) is non existent - today it took me 25 minutes to actually get this page here open and loaded fully. Generally speaking my speeds are slower than when I had dial up back in 2000. When my girlfriend spends a week here she often cannot get her computer to connect via my modem, radio shows we try to listen to together will be impossible to hook up to etc.

I complained to AT&T about this and was told they needed to send me a new modem/router as the one they had given me when I signed up 4 months earlier was obviously defective. The new modem solved the problem SOMEWHAT for about 3 weeks ("somewhat" basically equals she could hook back up to my router and get dial up speed connectivity and we were able to listen to one radio show with the connectivity only stopping every 10 minutes for a few minutes at a time instead of a near constant inability to connect for more than a few seconds at a time. The fact that this sort of crappy service is actually something I would consider an improvement ought to give you some idea of how atrocious things really are.

2 weeks ago I called them again after damn near a week of not only my internet barely working but now my phone also not working most of the time (which was causing me very serious problems with my job as I am expected to be reachable by phone from 7am until 1pm and as they could never reach me they were starting to call other people instead of me, thus causing me a lot of lost income). They told me they'd send a technician over. The technician looked at my equipment and said that everything was working but that the real problem was that their office was over 10.000 feet away from me and that AT&T was having major problems properly servicing people who did not have offices within 10.000 feet of their homes. That a huge number of customers south of the Ventura Freeway in my general area were having the exact same issues and there really was not anything that could be done unless AT&T built another office around here. I asked him why they did not tell me that they might not be able to provide the service I was paying them for efficiently as I might be outside of the optimum service area and he said I would need to call them and ask them.

So I am locked into a 1 year agreement with these thieves...

The best part is when my bill arrived a week ago AT&T tried to charge me over $100 for the defective modem of theirs that they had to replace (a charge I was never told about) and I had to call them to have that charge removed. SUPPOSEDLY they have still not - 2 months later - received their defective modem back from me (I used their box and their mailing label and dropped it off at a major US Post Office 3 days after I received the replacement). I wonder if next month's bill will include a charge for the technician - which would be another charge I would never havce been told about.

All in all: AT&T is a complete nightmare. Horrific service. The people one deals with on the phone are super nice and try to help as best as they can but AT&T themselves are obviously incapable of actually providing the service they are charging me for. Once my year is up all I can say is: Never again.

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